BBC announces more jobs for MediaCity:UK

The BBC today announced a 10% increase in jobs moving from London to mediacity:uk, making a new total of over 1,620.

Speaking at the launch of the BBC Connect And Create Partnership at Huddersfield University, Caroline said:

“As part of the BBC’s drive to become less London-centric and more deeply rooted in the whole of the UK, we will be moving a significant number of additional staff to the new media centre in Salford Quays. All of this will strengthen Salford’s place as a true network centre. nd with a stronger BBC presence, there will be even greater potential for Manchester, Salford and the whole of the North of England to become a world class centre of media innovation and technology for the 21st Century.”

The additional jobs are in the BBC Future Media & Technology (FM&T) division, and in BBC News – including journalists working in BBC Radio 5 Live as well as some network news correspondents.

Around 800 staff currently working at the BBC in Manchester will also be moving to Salford.

There will now be an even stronger presence for BBC FM&T in Salford. This encompasses the central Future Media team which leads the development of the BBC’s offering across the internet, digital TV and mobiles, and also the Media Research & Innovation team. It brings to over 500 the total of FM&T staff who will be based in Salford by 2011.

The Director of FM&T, Ashley Highfield, believes this is a chance to reinvent Future Media and how the BBC goes about creating it. He describes it as “the boldest move we can make in helping to shift the centre of gravity of the BBC”.

In addition, more journalists are moving to Salford. Radio 5 Live news programmes will now join the rest of the radio station and there will be an increased national newsgathering presence with the creation of a news hub with additional correspondents.

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