MediaCityUK could be new Silicon Valley

Brian Greasley, managing director of mediacity:uk has said that Salford could become the new Silicon Valley. Greasley also said the point of mediacity:uk was not to build a city, but to “change the way the media industry works”.

Greasley was speaking at the Television for the Nations and Regions conference at The Lowry, during a session dedicated to discussing mediacity:uk. Also on the panel were Mike Ryan of Idaho Technology, Matt Locke, Commissioning Editor for Education and New Media at Channel 4 and Hugh Mason of Pembridge Partners.

Brain Greasley spoke about his desire to see mediacity:uk as a ‘relaxed’ and ‘bohemian’ environment that would attract tourists and visitors, aswell as serious talent across all the major media industries. He went on to say that mediacity:uk would have the funding and infrastructure needed to attract the next generation of Googles and YouTubes.

He said: “At the centre there will be areas of greenery, surrounded by bars, restaurants and shopping facilities. It will be a cool place to hang out rather than just a place to work.” He also championed the advantages of living in the north west. He said: “You can drive for 45 minutes from here and be in the middle of the greenest part of the country.You can drive 45 minutes from central London and be where? Hammersmith? Mediacity:uk is a completely new phenonmenon which will bring together media, technology and creative businesses into one community. The city will be focussed on creating a community that allows people to live and work in the future landscape and have the necessary social facilitiies needed to stimulate ideas, talent and creativity.”

You can watch the full session online at the conferences website right here, And you can read the article about the conference from the MEN here.

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