A week after Greasley leaves MediaCityUK, NWDA Chairman becomes head of Peel Media

Bryan Gray, the current chairman of the North West Development Agency (responsible for the sustainable economic development and regeneration of England’s Northwest) has been appointed as the new chairman of Peel Media, the developers of MediaCityUK.

The NWDA has already contributed £30m to MediaCityUK, and the appointment has raised suspicions of a possible conflict of interests.

John Whittaker, UKIP MEP for the north west, said; “One has to be a little suspicious…Bryan Gray has a place on the NWDA board so he’s certainly got influence there. Peel’s done terribly well out of this.”

Gray will continue in his role as chairman of the NWDA, and along with trying to find a replacement for Brian Greasley as MD, will be attempting to “delivering Peel Media’s vision of making MediaCityUK the largest purpose-built media community in the UK and Europe.”

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