MediaCityUK managing director quits after less than a year; Update: MEN on why Greasley left…

Shocking news! Brian Greasley, MediaCityUK’s MD has left his position after less than a year in charge.

He was originally brought in to ‘create the vision’ for MediaCityUK and take the project forward towards the BBC’s arrival in 2011. The reason for his departure is not yet clear, and the statement from Head of Communications Paul Newman is pretty vague – “Over the last 12 months, Brian has done a first class job in setting out the vision for MediaCityUK, and establishing a high quality operational team” and “[Brian is] now looking forward to seeking new challenges…”

The news has not come as a complete shock to everybody – a few commenters say it was a long time coming, and in the past Greasley has been criticised for his speaking and presentation style at various events.

Greasley’s responsibilities will be taken over by group managing director of Peel Holdings Andrew Simpson, until a replacement is found.

Update: The MEN reports that Greasley left because of “…a `mutual realisation’ that he was perhaps not the best person to drive the project further forward.” An inside source at MediaCityUK told the MEN “He had vision, but there was a feeling that his relationship with big public-sector organisations, including the Salford Regeneration Company, was not close enough, and that he needed to network more with people, an aspect of the job that he appeared not to like.”

He goes on to imply that the lack of ‘key player’ private sector tenants and the failure to attract interest from ‘big media hitters’ in the United States may also have contributed to Greasley’s departure. (full article)

Update #2: Crain’s are also covering this story, focusing on the difficulty MediaCityUK faces in attracting tenants given the current economic climate, and now being without a Managing Director. (via SkyScraperCity)

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