Campbell Commits: 5 Live presenter will make the move to MediaCityUK

It’s not exactly earth-shattering news, but BBC Radio 5 Live presenter Nicky Campbell has become the first big-name presenter to make a commitment to the MediaCityUK move.

Campbell described the MediaCityUK relocation as a “massive positive move“, but also hinted at the reluctance of other BBC staff to make the switch to Salford; “When people say such and such a programme can’t be done in Manchester we just look like arses…It’s not as if I am going to Helmand province.”

So is Campbell the first of many, or will he be a lone ranger? You can read his full interview at the Guardian.

Update: The Award-winning Salford Star rips Campbell for commuting to MediaCityUK (instead of living here), and not even knowing which city he’ll be working in (Salford – not Manchester!) – you can read their comments on the newly re-vamped website.

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