BBC Trust says there are ‘significant risks’ in moving BBC Children’s to MediaCityUK

In a review of their services for children, published yesterday, the BBC Trust said that moving BBC Children’s to MediaCityUK, Salford Quays poses ‘significant risks’ – specifically in regards to staff retention.

The report said there was a “lack of clarity over the arrangements for Salford,” and that “more could be done to communicate the benefits of the move” to BBC staff.

The Trust also expressed concerns that the Salford move could “put additional pressure on the budget for children’s output.” They did acknowledge the central fund set aside for moving costs, but said it was not clear what the fund will cover.

It was announced in the same report that Newsround has lost 40% of it’s audience in one year. Overall however, the Trust seems pretty happy with BBC Children’s – ” we would like to congratulate staff for the performance they have achieved with the resources available.”

If there are any BBC Children’s staff out there – please chime in below; Is there still a lack of clarity about the move…or do you feel entirely clued up? Are you going to resign rather than make the move to Salford?

full report at the Press Gazette

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