BBC staff continue to surprise everyone: over 40% of middle-managers say yes to Salford

42% of BBC middle-managers (ranging from senior journalists to engineers) have thrown their weight behind the move to MediaCityUK.

This follows the decision of senior BBC executives in May, when almost 50% agreed to make the move to Salford.

These numbers are apparently much higher than expected (30% was the beeb’s own estimate for the latest round of decisions), and will be a big boost for BBC North and MediaCityUK. Looks like all that speculation about reluctant staff was a little exaggerated.

Director of BBC North Peter Salmon said “What is pleasing is not just the numbers but the quality of the people who are now getting engaged with our new enterprise…it is also really exciting that additionally more than 500 people, currently working in areas that are not due to move, have also expressed a strong interest in BBC North and finding out more about the opportunities…

Dan Walker, presenter for BBC Sport has decided to make the move – “Having worked and lived in Manchester there is no fear-factor for my wife and family moving north. The difficult thing for us is leaving friends and our church in London. That said – the move is exciting and I am looking forward to working in an office packed with new stuff and being able to make even better programmes for the BBC.”

So it looks like the beeb have done a good job selling the prospect of working at MediaCityUK – but could that be bad news for all those locals hoping for a job?

This story will continue to run, with an additional 114 people from BBC Sport making their decision later this month.

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