Blue Peter garden still coming to MediaCity, minus dead pets

The issue of the Blue Peter garden’s relocation to Salford has once again been in the headlines after reports that it was to be replaced with a virtual reality version.

But those reports were quickly denied by the BBC: “There are no plans to have a virtual reality garden…Our plan is to move the real Blue Peter garden to MediaCityUK, our new television studios in Salford.”

But is it really the Blue Peter garden without the remains of George the tortoise? (longest serving Blue Peter pet, and apparently the only one buried in the garden?)

Back in 2006 the Metro reported that there would be no exhumation of time capsules or pets, with a BBC spokesman saying, ‘We are not digging up any dogs, cats or tortoises.” Quite what will happen to these national treasures remains to be seen, as National Heritage recently said BBC Television Centre should be listed as a grade II building.

Earlier this month The Guardian reported that Peter Salmon (Director of BBC North) had indicated that the Blue Peter garden was going to go ‘on the roof’ when it moves to Salford. (The BBC has two buildings at MediaCityUK, which begs the question, which roof?) (Update: we now know where the new location is – on top of the studio block).

The roof might well be a good location for the garden, after all nobody wants a repeat of the 21st November, 1983:

For more reaction to the Blue Peter garden’s move, check out what people are saying on twitter.

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