Weekly Round-Up: Bose doesn’t fancy the MediaCityUK move, plus more…

This has been quite a week for MediaCity news – and it’s not even Friday yet.

Let’s break it down…

  • Firstly, MediaCityUK operations director David Carr resigned, saying “I’m really a Londoner and I miss London.” The split is said to be amicable, with Carr looking forward to the future: “As for my next project, my dream would be to work on the Olympics.” Peel have not yet said if they will be looking for a replacement.
  • BBC sports editor Mihir Bose (pictured) resigned, because of plans to move his role to MediaCity in 2011 (says the Evening Standard). A quick look at the comments shows that Bose was not universally popular with the Great British public, bless him.
  • City AM reported that the BBC’s move to Salford will cost £867m, with Channel 4 chairman Luke Johnson saying the cost was “ludicrous” and the BBC’s behaviour “Stalinist“. The BBC said “The figures do not include the significant savings that will be made in moving departments out of London after 2013 to the North of England.”

Other notable mentions this week…

  • Kurt Stephens posted a response from the BBC following a FOI request asking why the BBC chose Salford as the base for BBC North. Download it here (pdf)
  • Alex Connock (of Ten Alps) wrote a great article in Broadcast about the need for big creative ideas (and funding) to match the funding of media facilities such as MediaCity. Check it out.
  • The new Pie Factory website went live last week, made by Code. It features a video walk through of the facilities and a list of the programmes that have been made on site thus far.
  • Twitterer @Suitov started something of a mini-twitter-meme by tweeting lots of useful useless Manchester trivia for the benefit of relocating BBC staff. Follow all the fun here, or check out a few of my favourites.

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