Booths set to be first MediaCity retailer

Award-winning north west food store Booths looks set to become MediaCityUK’s first retailer, once planning permission is granted.

Peel Media has submitted an application to extend a unit under MediaCityUK’s multi-storey car park so that it can become a Booths in 2011. Booths already operates at 26 locations around the north of England, but the MediaCityUK store will be the first in Greater Manchester.

It seems to have been a good choice, (welcomed on twitter at least) but what other stores would people like to see?

A quick twitter survey included responses such as: Greggs, Subway, Wagamama, Nandos, Pret a Manger, Fortnum and Mason and Krispy Kreme. Oh and “A reasonably-priced bar (NOT a swanky wine bar)

Let us know what names you’d like to see at MediaCityUK – and who knows what could happen!

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