45% of BBC staff say yes to MediaCityUK, and more are interested

The BBC’s final deadline for London-based staff to decide on the MediaCityUK move has now passed – and 45% of rank and file staff have said yes.

That number may look familiar, because it is almost exactly the same percentage who agreed amongst middle managers and executive staff.

As previously mentioned, this is a higher percentage than was expected – as Richard Deverell (Chief Operating Officer BBC North) alludes to: “I would like to thank all staff for their professionalism at this challenging time. The leadership team is delighted with the number and calibre of staff from across the moving departments but appreciate that the move is not right for everyone.

But what about the 55% who said no? The BBC says they will try to ‘redeploy’ them where possible, but if that fails they will be made redundant when the move finally happens.

In a somewhat unexpected development, it’s been revealed that nearly 1,000 other BBC staff members have expressed an interest in relocating to Salford – putting a possible dent in the number of jobs available for local hopefuls. However, How-Do points out that ‘expressing an interest’ means nothing more than registering for info on the staff intranet… so there’s hope yet!

The BBC is expected to initiate a recruitment drive shortly to fill those vacant spaces, so watch this space for further information.

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