New Blue Peter garden found, on the roof of MediaCityUK Studios

The new home of the Blue Peter garden in Salford Quays has been spotted, up on the roof of the MediaCityUK Studios block.

The location was pointed out on a planning document over at the MediaCity thread on SkyscraperCity.

The new garden is tucked around the corner from the main piazza, and presumably will only be viewable from adjacent offices and apartments (quite a unique selling point if you’re a big Blue Peter fan).

You can see the new location on the image below, or the planning document right here.


Back in July it was reported that the Blue Peter garden was to be replaced with a virtual version, but that was quickly denied by the BBC. Unfortunately, the remains of George the tortoise (the only Blue Peter pet buried in the garden) won’t be making the move North.

(thanks to CDX at skyscrapercity for the spot!)

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