Urban explorers infiltrate MediaCityUK, take amazing photos

Two urban explorers have visited MediaCity and taken some amazing night shots from the top of the ‘Heart’ apartments.

Known only as ‘Jim Gillette‘ and ‘Gone‘, our two fearless exploration experts managed to gain access to the construction site and headed to the top of the 25 floor apartment block.

From there they snapped some fantastic images of the BBC’s new home on the quays, and surrounding Salford and Manchester.

Describing their adventure on his blog, Jim writes, “Security was, as to be expected, tight. But as these pictures show, it wasn’t watertight ;)

“Fancying our chances, we went for it. After infiltrating the site itself, access to the 25 floor “Heart” apartment building was as inviting as an ice cold cider at the end of a long summer’s day.

Commenting on the Urban Exploration forum 28dayslater, Gone says, “Entrance and exit was pretty crazy with a few slips“.

The visit will no doubt raise concerns about security at MediaCityUK, but for now let’s just relax and take in the view…

To see all the images, be sure to check out both Explorer’s blogs at goneeightyfive.blogspot.com and jimgilletteue.blogspot.com

You can also follow the threads on the topic at the Urban Explorer forums 28dayslater and NWEX.

all images used with permission.

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