A monumental loss for MediaCity?

Last week Nottingham-based Monumental Games announced the closure of their base in Salford Quays following a restructuring.

Monumental, who make MotoGP and football MMO Football Superstars, spoke to How-Do about the closure which will affect all 23 of the current staff based on the Quays – although the exact number of redundancies was not announced.

Monumental acquired their Salford Quays base when they purchased Swordfish Manchester following the merger of Activision Blizzard in 2008.

The Northwest Development Agency then awarded Monumental a £140,000 grant in January 09, which was intended to secure the 23 jobs already based there and create an additional 32 by 2010.

It’s since become clear that those job creation targets won’t be met, and so Monumental will not be receiving the grant money.

The closure doesn’t bode well for the fledgling gaming industry at MediaCity – which will be the base for a national ‘centre of excellence’ for the industry following a £1m grant from the government’s Strategic Investment Fund.

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