Urban Explorers strike again at MediaCityUK

A group of urban explorers have once again infiltrated the MediaCityUK construction site at Salford Quays.

The group of five managed to beat security and take more fantastic pictures – this time from the highest point of MediaCity – 300 feet up at the top of the South Tower of the Studio Block (also known as the Media Enterprise Centre).

One of the team – known by his alias ‘Rookie’ – describes the visit on his blog;

With a military precision entrance, we made it to our chosen building, got the photo’s and made our way back down…

…Only when we thought we were home and dry, did we realise that we were spotted by security; the only thing to do was run. Guards looked on, from their posts with astonishment, as they seen a team of guys sprinting through the site. Safe to say, we did not stop running till we were well out of the area.”

Check out some of the snaps below;

Urban Explorers visit MediaCityUK - view from the highest point

Urban Explorers at mediacity

MediaCity UK studio block

Heart Apartments MediaCityUK


For more details and all the photos check out the blogs of the explorers Gone, Jimmy Halfway and Rookie.

‘Gone’ had previously gained access to the site in February, when he and fellow urban explorer Jim Gillette reached the top of the 25 floor ‘Heart’ apartment block. Gone discusses the most recent trip at nwex.co.uk.

For an idea of how the site has developed, check out the pictures I took from the same point back in July ’09 from the MediaCityUK topping out ceremony.

Thanks to Gone for the tip!

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