MediaCity announces new ‘Greenhouse’ offices for start-ups and small companies

Peel Media have submitted plans to convert the current Bovis site office into a range of suites aimed at small creative companies.

The Greenhouse will offer cost effective and flexible office space for start-ups and companies looking to be close to the action – next to the Pie Factory and behind the new Salford Uni Building.

The building has been home to 2000 personnel during the construction of Phase One of MediaCityUK, although it’s yet to be seen exactly how many offices will be made available to new tenants.

Stephen Wild, Managing Director of Real Estate for Peel Media, said, “The Greenhouse will provide self contained office suites spread over three floors. It complements the media hub we’ve created at The Pie Factory. It is an ideal solution for small companies looking for a cost effective and flexible way to be part of the MediaCityUK environment”.

The Pie Factory has so far proved a popular option for small to medium sized businesses, (see the list of current tenants here) – so there’s a good chance the Greenhouse will be an attractive option for similar companies. Details and costs are yet to be released, but you can register your interest at

You can see a couple of shots from the Greenhouse plans below (complete with external seating and a mini-piazza) – for more details check out the planning application here.

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