BBC North Apprenticeships now open for applications

The BBC North apprenticeships scheme at Media City has today opened it’s doors to applications.

The entry-level scheme is open to people with negligible or no work experience or qualifications, but only to those from the Greater Manchester area. You must be 16 or over, have left formal education, and be without A Levels or equivalent qualifications.

Applications close at midnight on Friday the 8th July (Update: it’s now been extended to Sunday the 10th).

You can apply online at, and see a full list of the 12 available apprenticeship roles. Roles are available in BBC Children’s, Marketing & Audiences, Technology Operations, Learning and HQ North.

The BBC North Apprenticeships will be made available across all the divisions based at MediaCityUK, with a specific focus on digital media and technology. Offering ‘jobs-with-training’, the scheme is based on the traditional model of apprenticeship.

Successful applicants will join BBC North from September 2011, with twenty-five apprentices on-site at Media City by May next year. Apprentices will be part of the scheme for between 12 and 18 months, throughout which they will receive mentoring from BBC staff and will be encouraged to obtain for an external qualification at the same time.

Ken Lee, HR Director, BBC North said: “This is a valuable training opportunity for the next generation of local talent…[it] has been specifically designed to attract people who would not otherwise think of working at the BBC.”

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