MediaCity bus service launches this Sunday

From Sunday the 3rd July the new ‘QuaysLink‘ bus service will be up and running, getting you from Salford Crescent to MediaCityUK – and back again.

Funded by Salford City Council, TFGM and the University of Salford, the service will run every 10 or 15 minutes, from 7am-11pm Mon-Fri, from 8am-11pm on Saturdays, and 10am-6pm on Sunday.

The bus service will help connect Media City to central Salford, where it would previously take two buses (or a mixture of buses/trams and trains) to get down to the Quays.

The service was first mentioned back in the days of the proposed Manchester congestion charge (which didn’t happen), but was then resurrected after securing funding from the Greater Manchester Integrated Transport Authority in May last year.

You can see the bus route below (basically Salford Crescent -> Salford Shopping City -> Salford Quays) and can ride the bus ’til your hearts content from Sunday (costs from £1 for an adult, or 50p for a child, £6 for a 7 day ticket).

More details and full schedules are available from the QuaysLink page on TFGM.

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