BBC MediaCity staff ‘love’ their new offices, but NOT the Metrolink

According to the BBC’s first staff survey, a small majority of MediaCityUK staff “love the place” – but 30% are concerned that certain problems (including Manchester’s Metrolink service) could overshadow the benefits.

Other criticisms included “desktop and production technology” such as the in-house editing and storage for BBC Vision teams, which crashed in January.

BBC North chief’s operating officer Alice Webb said the results were, “not surprising given we’ve completed the largest move in broadcasting history……where we’ve got to fix some things are in the day-to-day stuff that’s really annoying when it doesn’t work, but they are things we can fix.

Amongst the results, 54% said they “love the place”, whilst 16% said they love working at Media City but “the problems need to be fixed”.

73% of respondents agreed that “creative ideas and new thinking” were welcomed at MediaCityUK, whilst 57% felt their opinion counted.

Whilst we don’t have specific percentages for staff’s views on the Metrolink, Ariel says staff criticism focused on technology and transport – especially the tram service, and that public transport feedback will be given to the Metrolink tram operators and Salford Council.

Manchester’s metrolink system has suffered regular outages and delays over the past year, most recently just 4 days ago, and has become something of a running joke on twitter amongst BBC staff and fellow Metrolink passengers.

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