Eight ways to find a job at MediaCity

1. The BBC Careers page

image Obvious perhaps, but a necessary step as the majority of roles at BBC North will be recruited through this method.

Search for jobs in around 20 categories through this page here.


2. Work Experience Placements at BBC North (unpaid)

imageIf you’re able to do some unpaid work experience, then check out this link for all North West based BBC placements.

These usually last for between 2-4 weeks, and can be a great way to get your foot in the door and make contacts. You can also sign up for email alerts on that page, so you’ll be alerted when a new placement becomes available.

3. Traineeships at BBC North


If you can’t handle unpaid work, you might want to apply for a traineeship. These are typically paid training schemes that run over a 12-18 month period, with a focus on a particular area within the BBC.

Currently mentioned on the BBC North traineeship page are the Journalism Trainee Scheme and Extend (for disabled people).

Each traineeship has different qualifying criteria and it’s own application process (and schedule – some won’t be accepting applications ’til later in the year), so make sure you take a good look through the information. Also bear in mind that these Traineeships run across the UK, not just Salford – though plenty of placements will be based at, or include time at MediaCityUK. More info here.

4. BBC North Apprenticeships

BBC North Apprenticeships

Just launched, these are entry-level apprenticeship roles based exclusively at MediaCity, and like Traineeships they will run from 12-18 months.

What makes BBC North Apprenticeships different is that they are only available to those from the Greater Manchester area who have left formal education and are without A-Levels or equivalent qualifications.

The first batch of roles closes for applications in just a few weeks, so if this is something you’re interested in get your skates on – all the information you need is here.

5. Look out for non-BBC opportunities

Many companies are now moving in, and we expect there will be many more to come. Here’s some places to look:

    • Companies based at The Pie Factory or The Greenhouse. (You can find ‘on-the-lot companies’ on the Pie Factory site, but those at the Greenhouse may be harder to find.)
    • There are of course food and retail outlets at MediaCity too. Booths at MediaCityUK is currently recruiting.

This leads us neatly on to number 6 – because the best way to find the latest MediaCity jobs is to…

6. Keep an eye on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

BBC North ApprenticeshipsSeriously, there is now a well established MediaCity community which is almost constantly tweeting something or other. And there is a 5,000+ strong LinkedIn group (never short of jobs talk), and we’re on Facebook too.

It also can’t hurt your chances to get involved on these platforms – try to start some kind of relationship with relevant people and generally get your name out in the mix. If you want land a job in the media (be it TV, radio, press, PR or online) you should consider the benefits maintaining an active public Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profile.

7. Consider studying at Salford University

Salford Uni at Media CitySalford University teaches 39 programmes at MediaCity (in their dedicated building). If you’re considering a media-related degree you won’t get much closer to the action than studying right next to BBC North.

As Salford Uni puts it, (because of their new MediaCity base), “Over 1,500 students enjoy exceptional opportunities to work with media professionals using the very latest industry specified equipment, studios and labs. This will place them in prime position for digital and media careers.”

You can find a full list of the available programmes here.

8. Do something interesting, tell us about it

Obviously, standing out amongst 50,000+ people isn’t going to be easy. But by doing something a bit special you could give yourself a useful leg up, and hopefully increase your profile.

Write an article (send it to us here), film a video, start a blog. We’ll have a bit more on this in an article coming up soon – so watch this space for more on differentiating yourself.


So there you have it, 8 ways to increase your chances of employment at MediaCity. If you have other ideas or recommendations please add a comment, and we’ll update this article as we go.


…and Good Luck!

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