Carbon Digital’s CGI to feature on new BBC2 series

New BBC2 series ‘Sacred Wonders of Britain’ features CGI work from production company Carbon Digital.

The three-part series follows archaeologist, historian and broadcaster Neil Oliver as he visits the likes of Creswell Crags, Grimes Graves and the great stone circle and henge of Avebury.

Carbon, which was established in 1998 but opened facilities at The Landing in November, created the series’ title sequence and high-end reconstructions of historic British sites.

Carbon Digital's Paul McHugh

Carbon Digital’s Paul McHugh

VFX director Paul McHugh said the latest ‘heli’ technology had played a key role.

He said: “The team at BBC2 had a very clear direction on creating a unique visual style for the programme, with a look and feel that will really engage audiences.

“In order to achieve this style, we were very focused on using high-end techniques to produce stunning results. We worked with the latest heli-camera technology to create dramatic present day scenes and transform them to the past.”

He added: “Now that we are based at The Landing, we are at the heart of MediaCityUK and we have a plethora of broadcasters and agencies on our doorstep, as well as access to the latest technology in editing and fibre connectivity.”

As well as the BBC, Carbon works with DKLW Lowe, BBH, Unilever, Barclays and Audi.

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