New Coronation Street set revealed today

The new Coronation Street set was revealed to the media today as Weatherfield completes its move to MediaCityUK.

Coronation Street at MCUK (credit ITV)

Coronation Street at MCUK (credit ITV)

The set design team have been working on the project since 2011, painstakingly recreating the original street-scape.

There shouldn’t be much difference on-screen between the previous Quay Street set and the one now in Trafford, however, behind-the-scenes it’s a different story.

Previously the houses on Coronation Street were home, not to the drama, but the production offices, with all the action filmed in studio. However, at MediaCityUK, the houses are much bigger so that filming can be done inside.

Coronation Street

Coronation Street (ITV)

Streets are also slightly wider so that two cars can drive along it in opposite directions.

The set is 7.7 acres and some of the changes made to the street include placing lamp-posts at the back of pavements and dropping the kerbs to help with filming.

ITV say there are more than 400,000 facing bricks on the lot of which 144,000 were reclaimed from a derelict Salford street.

The Underworld interior set will now be permanently housed within the “Underworld” factory building and Streetcars too will move into the taxi office, rather than being an interior set. Eagle-eyed viewers may also spot another window in the Rovers Return.

“These new cobbles may have a lot to live up to, but they also have a lot to look forward to,” John Whiston, creative director, continuing drama, ITV Studios.

Filming on the new set is due to commence early next year.

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