Play wins 5 way pitch for ‘secret’ BBC Knowledge and Learning project

Play, which is based at MediaCityUK’s The Landing, has been developing a new project for BBC Knowledge and Learning.

Set to be revealed next year, the exact details are being kept secret.

What we do know is that Play won the work following a 5-way competitive pitch in July this year and that the agency worked alongside a team from the BBC for 6 back-to-back week-long “design sprints.” These involved imagining, designing and then testing prototypes.

“We covered a lot of ground in a really short time frame,” explained managing director, Dom Rodwell.

“Design sprints can be a really powerful way to quickly explore a problem and test ideas for new products and services. They’re increasingly an area of specialism for us, and not just for user interface work. We’re finding that they can form a key part of an agile approach to things like strategy – and larger product innovation challenges as well.”

While he wouldn’t be drawn on what the end product is, Rodwell did say that it was for a service which would “likely span” web, mobile, tablet and interactive television.

“It was really great to work with a team so enthusiastic and passionate about producing a really insightful piece of work,” added Ryan Hussey, senior designer at the BBC.

“What we created is an incredible starting point for us to build on next year.”


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