Printel goes a bit MaD with rebrand

Design agency Printel has rebranded with a new name, Media and Digital.

After 22 years, owners and husband and wife Stuart and Gill Atherton have opted for a change as the old name no longer reflects the agency’s core business.

Gill and Stuart Atherton with the MaD team

Gill and Stuart Atherton with the MaD team

Stuart explained: “Hopefully people won’t think we’re bonkers for changing our name and will appreciate why we’ve gone a bit MaD.

“The creative media world has changed massively in the last couple of decades. Although we’re still asked to supply a large number of print items, such as brochures, prospectuses, signage and displays, the digital market is now huge.

“Our firm has wholeheartedly embraced the digital revolution and we’re now one of the North West’s leading agencies delivering augmented reality. We also provide cutting edge films, social media, apps and websites, as well as great scripts and copywriting to support the digital content.

“One of our specialisms is creating media hubs within schools so we think the name Media and Digital is a much better reflection of our current range of creative services.”

The company is based at the Blue Tower at The Landing and also has an office in Widnes.

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