CBBC announces first ever online comedy drama

CBBC’s first ever online comedy drama will look to bring the dangers of social networking to life.

Starting on February 24, the channel will broadcast 30 webisodes of Dixi across mobile, tablet and desktop platforms.

The new series will start on February 24

The new series will start on February 24

Using a first-person ‘selfie’ style of shooting, it will follow a teenager called Shari whose entire life is on a fictional social network called Dixi.

The series will follow Shari as she deals with the consequences of her page being hacked.

Alongside the webisodes, there will be interactive web chats and other content that will allow viewers the chance to engage with the drama. CBBC and indie Kindle Entertainment have also created a mock version of Dixi, which will be available from the CBBC website.

Cheryl Taylor, controller of CBBC, said: “It’s important to raise awareness about safety online and Dixi does this in an engaging, educational and entertaining way. To kick off, we’re releasing the Dixi website and a song to coincide with Safer Internet Day on 11 February. Titled IRL, the song highlights that everything you do online can have consequences in ‘real life’, a message that is central to the show.”

Patrick Healy, head of product for BBC Children’s, added: “We know children’s media habits are changing and we must innovate to reach audiences whenever and wherever they are.

“By the new approach to release content across the day, Dixi is a great example of how rich online content can work across multiple platforms and at the same time help children and parents engage with important issues and continue their learning online.”

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