Sounds of the Metrolink and Lake Michigan combine in MediaCityUK performance

A unique musical performance is taking place at MediaCityUK today, as the street sounds of Salford and Chicago combine.

The transatlantic performance sees 5 postgraduate students from the University of Salford and senior undergraduates at Columbia College, Chicago join up via the internet and fuse together street sounds from the 2 cities with ambient electronic music.

“Often we choose to avoid the sounds of the city that we live and work in by filling our ears with audio from phones or iPods, sometimes for good reason, sometimes from habit,” explained director of music and performance, Professor Steve Davismoon.

“The soundscapes created in this performance are instead a sonic celebration of the cities of Chicago and Salford, recognising that the sound signature of where we are located has a profound effect upon our sense of identity.

“The concert will give students from both sides of the Atlantic exciting opportunities to present performances of some of their work, with the sounds of both cities superimposed upon each other. This event marks the beginning of a fabulous collaborative relationship between us and Columbia College.”

Last autumn students from Salford’s experimental student music group recorded sounds from sites around the city, while Dr Davismoon went to Columbia College to take students on a “sound walk” through Chicago, along with composer and sonic artist, Tim Edwards.

Since then, the Salford students have been working with the American audio, while their peers in Chicago have been listening to Salfordian sounds.

The resulting piece will be performed live tonight at the Digital Performance Lab between 7pm and 8pm. Admission is free.

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