My Work at MediaCity: Hannah Entwistle, senior producer at Equinox Film & TV

This is the fourth in our regular series of interviews called My Work at MediaCity. This time we speak to Hannah Entwistle, senior producer at Equinox Film & TV.

1. Describe your typical working day at MediaCityUK.
Typically, a day working in production is never the same – I could be in meetings, on a shoot or in an edit. Throughout the day, I’ll manage each of my productions and will be overseeing others. On an office day, I’ll walk to work alongside the canal before arriving at Equinox, which is based on the 18th floor of the Blue Tower. We have amazing views of the North West and Coronation Street.

Hannah Entwistle2. Tell us a bit more about your role at Equinox.
As a commercial producer, my role has a journey from the initial PPM (pre-production meeting) through to booking crew, organising the shoot, overseeing the edit and delivery to stations. I produce a variety of television commercials, corporates, web films and music videos. Everyday is always an exciting new challenge, and we always have fun.

3. What programmes have you been involved with over your career so far?
Since working at Equinox I’ve had the chance to work with some very exciting companies from all over the globe, including AX Paris, Sony and Crabbies .

4. What’s been your highlight so far?
Shooting the music video for Manchester band Hurts (with Sony) was great fun! We had dancers, fake blood and a fantastic day!

5. Would you particularly recommend MediaCityUK as a base for a TV production company, and if so why?
MCUK keeps growing and getting better, it’s very exciting and a great place for any creative/media based company, mainly because everything you could possibly need is walking distance from your office door.

6. What’s your overall impression of working at MediaCityUK, and what are your favourite aspects about the site as a whole?
MCUK has created a platform for a new generation to create a solid media community in the North West. One of my favourite aspects is that we have a large choice of post production houses, plus we’re only a tram ride away from Manchester city centre.

7. How do you hope MediaCityUK improves over the next few years?
I’d like to see growth, more businesses choosing to take the leap out of London and base themselves here.

8. What’s been your favourite or most memorable experience at MediaCityUK so far?
I met Gary Barlow and Will.I.Am leaving BBC Breakfast, that’s always a great way to start my day! I love the sporting events too, the Salford Triathlon was great to watch, we shot a film covering the event for the organisers. Everyone we interviewed was having such a great time.

9. What would be your advice to anyone wanting to get into TV production at MediaCityUK?
Anyone who is wanting to get into TV production should try and get as much work experience as they can, and be willing to work from the bottom. Everyone starts by making teas and coffees, so make sure yours are the best! Throwing in a few chocolate biscuits always helps too.

10. What’s currently in the pipeline for Equinox TV?
We’re currently working on numerous campaigns for direct clients and agencies across the country including AX Paris, uSwitch and the NHS.

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