BBC North survey: creative workplace but not enough career development

A survey carried out with staff at BBC North has found that while 78% of them are happy to work at MediaCityUK, half don’t believe there are enough career development opportunities.

The results were published in staff magazine Ariel.

In 2012 66% of staff said that they thought there were career development opportunities at BBC North, however, each year that figure has dropped and now only 53% agree.

The figures coincided with some major changes across the organisation, namely the Delivery Quality First initiative, which has seen a number of redundancies in many departments.

“In the first year, we filled 790 jobs because we were in set-up mode. Since then we’ve had about 250 appointments a year but what that also means is, nearly every working day, someone on the Salford site starts a new gig and we’ve got to convert that energy and excitement and make staff feel they have a shot at that,” said human resources director Ken Lee.

“I think we’ve got more work to do in terms of helping staff find their career paths within BBC North, and make the most of every opportunity.”

Lee also responded to the joint working party set up following complaints at the Religion and Ethics.

“When there is uncomfortable feedback, you can either resist it and put your head in the sand, or you take it on the chin and say what can we do differently. I think that management team deserve a lot of credit because they’ve taken the latter, they’ve started doing things differently, listened to the staff even when that was uncomfortable and I’m absolutely convinced they’re on the right track,” he told Ariel.

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