Guide dog pup joins Blue Peter to mark 50th anniversary

Blue Peter, which is filmed at MediaCityUK, will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of its first ever guide dog puppy with the arrival of a 2-month-old trainee guide dog.



Honey, the show’s first ever guide dog, joined the Blue Peter team in 1964. She was puppy-walked by presenters Christopher Trace and Valerie Singleton for a year until she went into training to become a fully fledged guide dog.

Next week, Lindsey Russell will be following their footsteps to help train the latest addition. A series of films about the training will be featured on Blue Peter over the next 12 months, as part of a wider series about working animals.

“It’s great to be able to revisit a classic moment from Blue Peter’s history but bring it right up to date to make it relevant to our current audience. We’re looking forward to welcoming the new puppy into the team,” said Blue Peter editor Ewan Vinnicombe.

The Blue Peter puppy will make its screen debut on June 19th. The name of the pup will also be revealed during the show.

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