Harriet Harman talks about “creative devolution” at Nations & Regions Media Conference

Harriet Harman has used her speech at the Nations & Regions Media Conference at MediaCityUK to talk about the need for “creative devolution.”

Harman, who is the Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, and also the Shadow Deputy Prime Minister said that the UK needed to address the “disproportionate” concentration of media in London and the South East.

She said that if Labour came to power they would devolve “significant” economic powers to city and county regions to promote the creative industries.

“No one in their right mind thinks that talent is only to be found in London. People living outside London should get a fair crack of the whip, and that means public policy supporting creativity in all parts of the country,” she said.
“As part of creative devolution we need a much greater focus on the work of local councils who, as Manchester exemplifies, can play a massively important role in developing and supporting cultural and creative activity in their areas – not least financially.”
The Nations & Regions Media Conference is organised by the University of Salford and runs until Friday.

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